5 Fitness Myths that Need to Die

By on June 8, 2015

Fitness like any other domain in the world has numerous myths that are followed by many fitness enthusiasts all around the world even today.

Luckily, you are in the right place because here we will reveal the most popular myths that exist today in the world of fitness and stop all this misinformation that spread like wildfire.

Fitness Myths That you Need to Stop Believing

1. Lifting weights will make women look bulky

This is one of the most known myths in the world of fitness, namely that women will start to look bulky if they will start to train with weights. This belief take birth mostly due to the magazines that promoted women bodybuilders on their covers, thing which make people believe that women that train like bodybuilders can get very muscular.

What the general public doesn’t know is that those women are very muscular and bulky because of the fact that they took steroids, which without them they couldn’t get to those sizes, their hormonal environment won’t allow it.

2. Doing abdominal exercises will lower the body fat around the belly

If this would be true than you will see bodybuilders doing abs exercises all day long. The reality is that you can’t spot reduce the fat tissue, so it doesn’t matter how many abdominal exercises you will do, because you will not be able to burn or lose the fat tissue that surrounds the belly.

3. If do squats, then you will injure your knees

No one knows how this myth came alive, but doing squats will not hurt your knees. Doing squats regularly will improve your knees mobility and increase their strength, so make sure to add squats to your workouts and don’t avoid them.

An important thing that I will like to add here is to do squats ass to grass, because if you will do them parallel with the floor then you can notice some discomfort in your knees, of course after a very long period of time of doing squats in this manner.

4. Eating fats will make you fat

This myth took birth mainly due to some scientific studies done in the 70’s, which was proven to be wrong several times after.

People get fat only when they exceed their daily caloric requirements, so if a person eats more calories than their body burns daily, then that amount that exceeds the caloric requirements will get stored as fat.

5. If you do high repetitions you will make your muscles more defined

Another big myth of the fitness industry is that doing high repetitions will help you get the muscles more defined, thing which is false.

This belief took birth due to the fact that some bodybuilders do high repetitions when they get close to a show or contest, but what the fitness enthusiasts don’t know is that bodybuilders do these high number of repetitions not because that they believe that they will get more defined, but because they try to avoid developing injuries which can make them to not participate in following show or contest.