5 Quick Tips Every Runner Should Know

By on August 10, 2015

The sky is clear and every bird is chirping. Everything is perfect with the world. Looking out of your window you see your fit neighbour strapping on his pair of shoes for his daily exercise and wonder why he is doing so. Running is great as a form of exercise. It gets the heart rate up, helps in weight loss and physical fitness.

So if you want to start running what should you take into consideration? What is that supper fit neighbour doing? Below are some quick tips every runner should know before putting on running shoes and hitting the track.

Running Shoes

One may think that any type of sneaker will do for running. This isn’t true. A person has to wear either cross-trainer shoes or running shoes for running. Football shoes, tennis sneakers and high-tops are no good. Shoes meant for running are particularly designed to be light in weight, whilst giving the person adequate protection to the soles of the feet.

Stretch After Running

For beginners, it is most important for them to stretch after running. Stretching before running can in fact be contra-productive if a person has not warmed up the muscles too well Studies have shown that stretching after the run diminishes injuries and muscle pains, keeps one flexible, and prevents lactic acid build-up.

Start Slow

When you are a beginner, you need to take it slow, otherwise burnout and injury is waiting right around the corner. It is advisable to start off with a walk/ run program that alternates walking and running.

Pay attention to the Body

If you ever feel exhausted, stop running and start walking until you feel better. The key to a successful running program is to learn to listen to your body. As a starter, you will gain nothing if you push the body to its limits when it has had enough. Do not over-extend yourself. If your lungs or the legs or the lower back insist that they want a rest, please give it to them.

Drink Plenty

Get healthy fluids and plenty of water. It is all too easy for runners today to become dehydrated. Fluids like fruit juices and water replenish minerals and vitamins, but more importantly, they keep the joints supple and lubricated.

These are some quick tips every runner should know when just starting to run. So master them and start that running career today!