5 Tips to Help You Work out in the Morning

By on August 10, 2015
  1. Turn in early enough: It is important that you sleep early to make it easier for you to wake up early and fully refreshed. A sufficient night rest allows you to be quite rejuvenated in the morning. Sleeping late results into general body fatigue, hence low motivation to get out of bed and begin the morning routine.
  2. Have every needed piece of training gear ready before going to bed: get the sweat shirts, track suits, gym shorts, track shoes and socks ready before sleeping. If possible you should sleep in them so that when morning comes, you are good to go. Set the water bottle ready with clean water and put it at a place easily reachable. All these helps avoid frantic morning search for the workout gear as well as the water bottle.
  3. Eating smart is vital to your morning workouts: It is important to grab some snack to give a you a quick head start to hit the road. Make the snack before you go to bed and set in in the fridge where you can easily get it once you are up in the morning. You would not want to be late for the morning aerobic dance routines. Some of the best morning snacks are slices of apple, fresh juice smoothness, and whole grains with peanut butter.
  4. Have a morning workout partner with whom you can set weekly workout plans. Such workout plans should be very specific. The lack of the desire to disappoint the partner will always be a motivator for regular workouts. In this manner, high level of commitment will keep the two of you going.
  5. Set double and even triple alarms that go off at intervals of five to ten minutes. Make sure to put the alarm clock at a place you can only reach by getting out of the warm blanket. Once you manage to get off the blanket, give your face a cold water massage and the idea of going back to bed will be lost. To make this alarm thing even more effective have a flash light that lights up immediately the alarm goes off.
  6. 6. With all these achieved, adhere to your morning workout schedule. Never allow laziness to manipulate the schedule. Sticking to the routine will ensure effective and impressive results. Always remember to set your eye on the main objective of the workout. Picture the future with a perfect body shape, a healthy and good looking you. You can even picture yourself beautifully and superbly fitting in fashionable and stylish outfits. Such motivation coupled with a good post workout treat is necessary for a determined and diligent morning work outer.