6 Excuses Your Personal Trainer Is Tired Of Hearing

By on July 6, 2015
personal trainer

So, you have been exercising, eating well and not getting the results you expected. Does this sound familiar? Below you can read about the top 6 excuses people keep making, but more importantly, how they can help you get better results for your efforts.

1. I don’t have the time to work out or eat healthy

We all have the same hours in the day and week. Yes, some of us are extremely busy, but if you can’t spare a few hours a week for yourself, then make some time! Being healthy will keep you alive and give you a better life. This should be a priority in your life.

The best way to treat this is by scheduling time for exercise and food preparation like any other appointment. Even if you only have a little time in the evening, go for a walk and do some food preparation in this time, rather than watching TV or checking Facebook.

Remember that 12 hour shifts are common place for fitness instructors, so they will understand, but don’t hide behind this excuse.

2. I don’t have the will power to eat healthy all the time

This is another excuse to avoid. We all like to eat tasty foods. It should be noted that you are allowed treats once or twice per week, so relax and enjoy them from time to time. Eating chocolate or other bad choices every night is what does the damage. It is usually habit that keeps you eating like this, as humans are creatures of habit. Aim to always have something healthy to eat instead and never starve yourself to avoid this.

3. I can’t afford to eat healthy foods all the time

This carries on from the previous excuse with the idea that healthy has to mean expensive. You can buy lots of frozen foods like chicken and vegetables in supermarkets. Some people think they are not as healthy as fresh foods, which may or may not be true, but you just have to make do the best you can.

Here are some tips to eating healthy on a budget.

4. I don’t know what to eat

Let’s not complicate things here – eat lots of natural foods like meats, poultry, nuts, vegetables and fruit. Limit processed foods (that come pre-packaged) like bread, pasta, pastries, crisps, chocolate. There are countless meals, snacks and other ideas to be found online for this.

5. I want to eat whatever I want, exercise little, but lose lots of weight

This is a biggie. Too many people want to put little effort in and still get the benefits. Results take hard work and effort, there are no shortcuts.

6. My results are not coming fast enough

Patience is another important factor. If you put on weight over 6-12 months, do not expect to lose it in one week.