7 Exercises Trainers Wish You’d Stop Doing

By on May 26, 2015
personal trainer

In the world of fitness there are 2 types of exercises, easy and complex. The easy exercises can be done mostly by anyone without too much guidance and coaching, while the complex ones need more attention and understanding in order to get the benefits that they should bring.

So, in order to give you a hand of help and keep you away from injuries we’ve created a list with 7 exercises that you need to avoid if you didn’t get the proper coaching on them.

7 Exercises Trainers Wish You’d Stop Doing


Deadlifts even though are an amazing exercise they can be dangerous if they are executed with bad form. Usually with a deadlift you can injure your back, but you can injure also other muscle groups, joints, tendons or ligaments.

Deep Squats

The deep squat is an exercise that can’t and must not be done by everyone, even though many people do it.

The main reason for which you should not do ass to grass squats without a certified person around is due to the fact that you can injure the lower back or the hip joints if they are not built for deep squatting and you force them in that position.

Back extensions

Even though the back extension is a great exercise for the development of the lumbars and extensors muscles, it can become very detrimental for the spine health if you don’t do it properly.

So, make sure to hire someone certified to show you how to do it with proper form.

Legs extensions

Legs extensions is one of the most known exercise for the development of quadriceps muscles, but also one of the most dangerous for the knees joints, and this mainly because that when you raise the weight a big part of the tension goes straightly on the knee joint, which can make it to develop all kind of injuries.

Overhead shoulder press

The overhead shoulder press is a very useful exercise for the muscle development of the shoulders, but in the same time one of the most dangerous for the shoulder ligaments, tendons and joint.

In order to maintain your shoulders free of injuries, make sure to include the overhead shoulder press into your shoulder workouts only if you know exactly how to execute it with proper form.

Lateral dumbbell raises

The lateral dumbbell raise done by a person that doesn’t understand the biomechanics of the shoulder joint can be one of the most detrimental exercise that they can do for their shoulders, and this mainly because if you will raise too much the arms you can pinch or rupture tendons or other soft tissues that keep your shoulders joints healthy.


Dips are a very effective exercise for developing the chest, triceps and shoulders muscles, but unfortunately they are an unforgiving exercise if your form is not almost perfect. You can injure very easily your elbows and shoulders joints, pull or tear muscles, pull or tear ligaments and tendons.