AVOID These 6 Exercise Mistakes (if you want faster results)

By on July 13, 2015
exercise mistakes

A look around the gym or outside will highlight 6 common mistakes you see people making while exercising. Let’s take a look at them and see how you can avoid them.

1. Too much cardio (slow and long duration exercise)

This is probably the biggest mistake. People hammer away on the treadmill, gym machines or running outside for countless hours. The human body is not built for long bouts of exercise like this. It is an ineffective form of exercise and there are other better types, which you will discover below.

2. Not performing enough or any weight lifting.

This ties in with the first reason, as weight lifting should form a large part of your routine. It will not make you big or bulky so do not worry about that. It will make you healthier and help you live longer.

Resistance training will also give you more shape and help you reach your fitness goals. Everyone should be doing some form of this training. As we age our strength levels drop and make everyday activities harder to do.

3. Not performing any high intensity work.

Rather than slaving away in the gym with slow and boring exercise, you can add some intensity to your workouts. You do not need as much workout time when use higher intensity, which is a bonus. High intensity training can also speed up your results.

4. Trying to tone a body part with high reps and light weights.

Most people have areas of their bodies they wish to improve, which is fine. The mistake is doing lots of reps with light weights in the hope of toning or shaping a body part. The problem is the fact that there is normally a layer of fat sitting over a muscle or body part. You need to get rid of the fat with a proper weight loss program. Light weight for high reps doesn’t work for this.

5. Lots of ab exercises to reduce belly fat.

This mistake is similar to the previous, but deserves its own section based on how popular it is. As explained above, you need to get rid the fat with an effective routine. Ab exercises will work the stomach muscles, but do nothing to the fat. They can actually push your fact further out if you build more muscle underneath

6. Not lifting heavy weight and pushing yourself in the gym.

Hopefully you have gotten the message to perform some weight training. However, when you do, make sure you challenge yourself and lift heavier weight over time. Don’t baby yourself and lift the same weight each week. Work hard and the results will follow.