Best Exercises to Improve Posture

By on June 1, 2015

When it comes to posture the only way through which you can improve it is by doing corrective exercises. These are normal exercises which besides of their normal ability of building muscles and increasing strength, they also can improve posture.

This being said, here is a list with the best exercises that you can do in order to improve your posture and also the body’s functionality.

Best Exercises to Improve Posture

Front squats

Front squats is one of the best exercises that anyone can do for posture, even though a lot of people avoid doing them due to the fact that they believe that front squats can injure the lower back.

The reality is that if you will do the front squats with proper form and technique not only that you will be fine, but you will strengthen all your entire core, namely the abs, lower back and obliques, muscles which empowers a correct posture.


Another great exercise which you can do to strengthen and correct your posture is the plank. This exercise will mainly strengthen the core, but it will also strengthen all the other muscles that surrounds the core, which indirectly will assist in maintaining a correct posture.

Deadlifts with a supine grip

The deadlift even though it is believed to be a dangerous exercise, it is a great tool that you can use in order to improve your posture.

A very important thing that you will have to do when you will do the deadlifts for your posture will be to change your grip, namely to use a supine grip, which is associated with external rotation of the shoulders, which in the end will make your spine get in its natural curve.


Make sure to not confuse this exercise with swimming, the swimmer is an exercise which strengthens all your posterior chain muscles, namely: lumbars, errectors, lats, rhomboids, traps, glutes, hamstrings and calves.

As you can see there are a lot of group muscles that will get worked with the swimmer exercise, muscles groups that are very important for maintaining and improving the posture of the body but also to get better as an athlete.

Bent over rows with a supine grip

Bent over rows is an exercise that will develop mostly the lats and traps, but indirectly it will work the lumbars and errectors muscles also. These muscles maintain and help the spine to stay in its natural position, but also to prevent it from getting injured under heavy loads.

By doing frequently bent over rows not only that you will grow your lats, but you will also improve your posture.

Another important point that I would like to add here is that the lats work also as stabilizers of the spine, although there are a lot of persons that don’t know this. So, by having big lats you will indirectly make your back stronger and spine more stable.

Keep in mind to not use a very big load when performing this exercise, because it can become detrimental for the posture, use 50-70 percent of your maximum capacity.