Choosing the Best Time to Exercise

By on June 1, 2015

Choosing the Best Time to Exercise

Today everyone has become health conscious and are aware of the benefits of doing exercises. The time of exercising depends on the individual’s convenience. All those who are used to rising early, prefer to do their exercises in the morning hours as the surroundings and atmosphere is quite clean and fresh. Others however, think that evenings are the best time to do the workouts after a tired day at work. Actually there is no stead fast rule regarding the right time to exercise.

There have been various researches on this topic and the truth is that there is no trustworthy evidence that points out to the best time to exercise. Different hours of the day offer different benefits to the individual but the main point to remember is that fitness routine must be followed strictly to enjoy benefits.

Advantages of working out in the morning

If it appears that you cannot make time once you are at work, it is best to start the day with your fitness program. Then there will be consistency. Moreover, experts opine that if exercises are done before other pressures interfere, the results are better. You take more time to warm up that burns your calories etc. and the atmosphere is also pollution free.

Circadian Rhythm

It also depends on the type of body you have that is the circadian rhythm of the body. It cannot be altered and is controlled by the rotation of the earth. Blood pressure, heart rate, hormone levels and body temperature is influenced by this rhythm. Hence the best time to workout can be decided on the readiness of the body.

Sleep Disorders

Those who suffer from insomnia find it difficult to hit the morning gyms. They prefer to exercise after working hours mostly in the evenings because one does not have to fight with the body or the mind as is the situation in the morning when you need to leave your bed without proper sleep.

Afternoons may be the best time to exercise for some

Researchers found that in some cases afternoon exercises boost work performance. Others feel that they get company during the noon hours and so doing exercises in the afternoon in a congenial environment give better results. You do not have to strain your mind to stick to your routine.

The truth about selecting the right time to exercise depends entirely upon the performer. Change the timings and judge the difference and then fix a time that will be convenient for you and you will do it regularly and willingly.