Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Glutes

By on November 10, 2015
glutes training

Are you considering shaping strong buttocks that will fit your favorite pair of jeans? Well, that is really cool but having tight buttocks that fit your jeans demands more than your pants will fit in. This is because three major muscles make up your backside which are namely; the glute maximum, the glute minimus, and the glute medius.

These three major muscles perform very important roles although they are usually underworked and very weak. Some of the roles they play include the following;

  • The extension of your hip i.e. pulling your thighs behind you
  • The external and internal rotation of your hip
  • The abduction of your hip i.e. your lateral side movement

Your glutes can stop working effectively and efficiently as it is supposed to if you sit for too long. The glutes can even turn off eventually in some instances. The result of your glutes not working properly is evident in the tightening of the hip flexor which usually lead to injury. The hip flexor is that muscle responsible for pulling the thigh forward.

There are so many a benefits you can derive from building a stronger buttocks. They are as follow;

It enhances your athletic performance

It has been proven that a stronger glutes mean improved speed and agility. It will also enhance your jumping skills and ability to quickly move from side to side. So, for an athlete who wants to be stronger and perform better, it is advised that you start squatting now.

Doing this will make your glute max shores up your SI joint and pelvis to ensure stability each time you take a step. The importance is seen even more when you run because the force of impact tends to increase (in an exponential manner) on each foot strike.

It reduces back pain

For people with lower back pain, building up of their glute muscles can help reduces it significantly. This is because the pelvis is stabilized by the workings of the glutes (which also keeps the integrity of the hip joint’s movement). Hence, having a strong glute means little or no motion brunt for the lower back to bear.

It helps prevent knee pains

It has already been stated above that a strong glute keeps the pelvis stable from swinging from one side to the other. Usually, so much pressure is put on your ankles and knees to serve as compensation if your pelvis is not stable. It is, therefore, important that you have a strong backside which will naturally prevent this and keep you safe from injury.

From the discussion above, it is very clear that the glute performs an essential function for you. So, it is important you do the following four moves for your glutes.