How to Start Your Fitness Transformation

By on June 22, 2015
how to start a fitness transformation

Making big chances to your body is one of the most common quests for many people. We’ve all let ourselves go a bit from time to time and want to get back into shape. Read on and find out how to start your fitness transformation the right way.

The first thing you need to do is get your head in the game and put all your efforts into the transformation. Too many people think the odd gym session and some salad for lunch will get results. It won’t. You do not need to starve yourself at home and go mad in the gym. But frequent and constant thought is required.

One of the biggest factors that needs sorted is what you put into your body ñ all food and drink. The key here is to focus on real whole natural foods. Aim to only eat foods that resemble their original source. For example, a chicken fillet comes direct from a chicken and hasn’t been modified, but a breaded chicken dipper has got additives and other nasty stuff that should be avoided. Another example is a baked potato which is good, roasted or pre-packaged potatoes are not.

Generally speaking, you can follow the 5 rules below for a healthy eating transformation.

1. Eat plenty of lean meats, fish, poultry and eggs (great protein sources).
2. Eat as much vegetables and fruit as you like.
3. Limit processed carbs like bread and pasta.
4. Eat some healthy fats like nuts, olive oil and avocado.
5. Drink only water, green tea and black coffee.

By following the above rules you will naturally lose weight with whole nutritional foods. You can relax a bit and have one or two (maximum) meals each week, where you can eat what you want.

The next big step in your new fitness journey is exercise.

A fantastic way to start is by walking, which is a hugely underrated form of exercise, even for people already exercising. We humans are natural walking machines. During your transformation, aim to walk up to 6 days each week. Walking to work, getting the bus or walking with friends are some great examples to get more exercise to fit in with your daily schedule.

Alongside the walking, aim to do 3 ‘formal’ workouts in the gym or at home. Make sure some form of resistance training is done during these workouts. This could be with weights if you have access to them, or bodyweight if you don’t.

You can do some cardio to replace the walking for that day, but make sure you do at least 30 minutes resistance training during your workouts. This is very important! Don’t become a slave to the treadmill thinking it is the best way to lose weight.

Best of luck on your new fitness transformation.