Tips for Not Sending Your Diet on a Vacation this Summer

By on June 22, 2015

Are you health conscious and stick to your daily routines with strictness? Then controlling yourself when on a vacation might sound really boring. But if you are a healthy eater, you must be having a fit body and less of problems. Then do not worry about what to eat during vacations. Just be innovative and you will be on the track.

Most people are anxious to know about what nutrition experts eat during their vacation for they always advice others about controlling food habits. But do they do the same even on a holiday trip? So let us see what to eat on vacation to maintain health like a nutrition expert’s healthy diet regime. The foods that nutritionists enjoy are simply fantastic. Here are some of the foods that they enjoy:

• Desserts are their favorites. It is because most desserts are packed with fresh fruits with either skimmed-milk yoghurt or fat-less cream with a dash of honey. Pre-cut fruit cups are quite commonly available at the supermarkets wherever you travel. Just choose the fruits that are special of the place and opt for their dessert recipes for a change of taste.

• Another important rule that most nutrition experts follow is that they control the portions of their meals. Remember to have one heavy meal. It can be either lunch or dinner but not both even if you are hungry. You can snack on nutrition bars or munch some nuts or may be a glass of fresh fruit juice but avoid fruits like mangoes that are high in calories especially if you are trying to lose weight.

• If you are on a vacation to a new place, it is a good idea to try out the specialties of that area. You can check out the restaurants and food joints even before you reach the place. Then selecting your food will not be difficult at all. Try out their salads made from locally grown vegetables and fruits and taste fish locally available. Avoid the cheesy dressings. This helps to keep the diet schedule under control and you need not return home like a football.

There is yet another secret of nutritionists. They do not have all their meals out in the restaurants. For breakfast they prefer to get filled up by instant oatmeal with Greek yoghurt, instant whole-grain cereal with soy milk and such other nutritious food that will keep the health in order. It is best to stay healthy and enjoy the vacation to the fullest.