Top 6 Workouts that Don’t Require a Gym Membership

By on August 31, 2015

Physical fitness (or lack thereof) has become a great concern in the current generation because of the many dangers associated with lack of engaging in physical fitness. People who do not exercise regularly are more prone to suffering from dangerous health conditions such as; heart attacks, arteriosclerosis, stroke, and hypertension, among others.

Here are the top 6 workouts that don’t require a gym membership:

1. Running/jogging
Running is one of the most effective forms of exercises that can be undertaken to stay physically fit, especially since the only equipment needed is a pair of shoes. Running for a few miles every day will help in; boosting the metabolic rate, increasing the level of endurance and shedding of undesired body fat.

One should start by initially covering short distances at slow speeds then progressively increase the distance and speed covered as the level of fitness improves.

2. Walking
Walking is a form of exercise that is suitable for people who suffer from joint conditions, or those who consider running to be too intense/ strenuous. During this exercise, one should maintain a comfortable pace, but still ensure that his/her objectives are met.

High intensity interval training (or HIIT) is defined as shorts bursts of high effort exercise followed by a short rest period. These exercises can be done using only your body weight or a pair of dumbbells. Check out the VimoFit app for some great HIIT workouts.

4. Cycling
Cycling is a convenient method of exercising especially since one can easily maneuver through traffic jams. It is also a competitive sport by nature and therefore, even very little competition from other cyclists amounts to enough motivation.

5. Swimming
Swimming is a low impact but a high-result sporting activity. Swimming may appear to require little effort, but in fact, it results in the burning of hundreds of calories. The strokes enable the swimmer to undertake different forms of aerobic exercises. Swimming is therefore a great form of exercising that doesn’t necessarily lead to broken or sprained ankles or knees (unlike other forms of exercises).

6. Aerobic Exercises
This is an excellent way of making the heart pump harder and getting rid of excess body fat. A simple aerobic exercise lasting for only 30 minutes every day will go a long way in helping one to lose weight and therefore stay healthy.

7. Dancing
Dancing is a great method of attaining physical fitness while also having fun at the same time. There are many different types of dancing styles available, which are important in increasing the heartbeat, shedding of excess weight and most importantly, enabling one to attain/maintain physical fitness.