Top 7 Reasons to Start Strength Training

By on September 8, 2015

There are enormous benefits that results from a weight training or resistance training regimen which leads to gains in health, strength and flexibility. Below are the top reasons for initiating weight training.

Bones and Muscles Strength

The density of bones is increased and as a result there is reduced risk of fractures and breaks as a person advances in age. The muscles strength is also improved thus a person gains optimum balance of the body, thus a very low risk of fracturing the bones or falling.

Low Mortality Rate

It is a proven researched fact that regular exercise adds years to a person’s life with weight training contributing a large portion to this Because of greater body mass, the chances of death are reduced substantially. For this reason it is advisable to focus on optimizing body mass rather than concentrating on mere reduction of weight or body mass index.

Effective Fat Loss and Calories Burning

This is because weight training causes the heart to race thus burning more calories as compared to running or walking for the same amount of time More energy output is required and thus more calories are burnt. There is also overall more fat burning because weight training not only burns fat when exercising but continues afterward as the body is still metabolizing even while resting after an intense workout.

Cancer Risk Reduction

There are studies that show that regular weight training results into reduction of oxidation stress which reduces cancer risk. Weight training is very effective in increasing the amount of antioxidants thus preventing a variety of diseases.

Healthy Heart

Weight lifting has high cardiovascular benefits which improves the heart health lessening the risk of heart diseases. Thus it is not only cardio that has cardiovascular powers, as resistance training has shown to reduce blood pressure. The American Heart Association advises grownups to engage in at least two sessions of resistance training weekly.

Self Esteem Boost

As a result of improved body image, a person is observed to be more confident and also gains a sense of achievement because the progress can be tracked.
There is also increased happiness as more endorphins are released into the body. There is reduced depression and anxiety symptom which results into good mental health.

Improved Flexibility

Weight training complements and contributes to the body’s flexibility as the joints are able to move more freely. There is also improved posture which prevents any injuries related to training.
There are so many benefits that results from weight training especially if the person is new to it, for it can be initialized at various settings with ease and convenience.