5 Foods to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

By on June 8, 2015

To stay fit and active, everyone needs to be health conscious, rather diet conscious. You should not eat whatever you want to especially if you are growing fat or have some health issues. Hence eat the right foods and avoid the bad foods – is the rule that you must follow.

There are certain foods that all of us have been eating from a long time but have never thought about their food value and their effects on health. There are some natural elements in foods that are unhealthy and either cause weight gain or increase the sugar level of the body. These are the foods to avoid for everyone, no matter whether he/she is fat or diabetic or have any other health problems.

Here is a list of 5 foods that must be avoided while losing weight:

  1. White Bread – Have you ever thought that the white bread you have been consuming right from childhood is so harmful for health? Well it really is! It is devoid of any nutritional value and contains a lot of sugar which is no doubt harmful. Whole grain or whole wheat bread is ideal for health.
  2. Fried Foods – Who does not love to have fried foods?. They are so tasty and satisfying. But we all know that fried foods are the worst enemies of our health. Avoid having fried foods as much as possible for they not only add extra pounds but are causes of high blood pressure and high cholesterol that lead to poor heart health. Digestive systems are also disturbed that increase cramps, acid reflux and other irritable problems.
  3. Salad Dressings with Cream-Base – Although fresh salads are one of the healthiest foods recommended by doctors and dieticians for all, adding cream-based dressings make this nutritious food absolutely unhealthy. But you must avoid the cream-based salad dressings if you want to stay fit.
  4. T.V. Dinners – When you are in a hurry or return home tired, the frozen foods or packaged ready-to-eat foods are very convenient. But if you do not want to add weight or the preservatives to cause trouble, then you must stop eating them. Work a little harder and cook or bake your foods for a healthy life.
  5. Added Sweeteners like Fructose Corn Syrup – These are the commonly used sweeteners that are added to sodas, pasta sauces and cakes and cookies. The high amount of corn syrup increase sugar levels and triglycerides and must be avoided without a second thought.