How to Enjoy Dinner While Losing Weight

By on May 26, 2015
enjoy dinner while losing weight

Obesity is a serious problem that needs sincere attention. It is the cause of various diseases including cardiac problems, diabetes and others. Although people have become quite conscious about health today and go to gyms and do the fitness exercises, only doing exercises is not enough to reduce weight. A proper diet is very important to maintain health and control weight gain.

Maintaining diet is possible throughout the day. But after you return home hungry, you have the tendency to eat more for dinner. Hence eating a well-balanced dinner will surely help you to lose weight.

When planning your dinner, remember that it must not be complex. It has to contain the required nutrients and within the calorie limit. Here are some simple tips that you can implement to make your dinners healthy and delicious and at the same time help to get rid of weight.

  1. Divide the dinner plate into four parts. The first one should contain chicken, fish or tofus which are all lean proteins. The second part must be filled with grains like brown rice or wheat breads and the remaining portion should contain fresh vegetables and fruits like green salads without any dressings and strawberries.
  2. When you are planning a dinner to lose weight, remember to stay within the calorie limit. Correct portions of the different foods should be calculated well so that you neither eat more nor less.
  3. To bring variety in your weight loss dinners, change the items while remaining within the calorie count. You can have salmon in place of chicken, broccoli, fat-free yoghurt, green leafy salads or roasted carrots, or whole wheat pasta to make your dinner more interesting and tasty.
  4. There are other options too. A chunky soup based on broth with salad for dinner can help you lose weight.
  5. To satisfy hunger, you can go for beef-based vegetable soup and green salad. This is a well calculated dinner and contains low calories. Actually broth or water based soups make you full and control the intake of extra calories. Avoid cream soups and salads with oily dressings.

Counting the calories is the root of all diet plans. Avoid carbohydrates, fatty foods, fried foods and sugary desserts to reduce weight. If you have a sweet tooth, finish your dinner with low fat yoghurt and fruits that have natural sugar and do not add calories.