Why You Should Stop Drinking Diet Soda

By on October 12, 2015

Some people believe that diet soda is a cure for weight gain. But this is not true because a recent study has shown that apart from not protecting people from obesity, it has the tendency to make them want to eat more junk food. And the consumption of these junk foods makes you fatter.

There are so many hidden details about diet soda. The essence of this article is to discuss some of these hidden facts about diet soda so that people can be aware of the danger of using it. These details are discussed as follows;

The deceit of being healthy

There is the tendency to think that you are very healthy because of the instant health halo gotten when you choose a zero-calorie beverage. As a result of this, you might think it is justified for you to eat some chips or to reach out to a carbohydrates-heavy muffin.

Most times, substituting diet beverage for beverage sweetened with sugar doesn’t really produce the intended effect in people. This is because people end up eating the calories instead of drinking them. And a study carried out at the University of North Carolina has shown that people who do not consume diet beverage are even healthier than those who do.

Diet Soda makes you store fat

Another study at the University of Texas has shown that drinking at least two diet sodas daily increases the waist size of individuals (i.e. making waist size 6 times greater than that of non-drinkers). The body of people who consume diet soda usually shift to a fat storing state from a fat burning state because of the deceptive artificial sweeteners it (diet soda) contains.

It leaves your system seeking calories

According to the MS RD CDN of Isabel Smith Nutrition, Isabel Smith, the sense of satiety is affected by artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are usually 400-8000 times sweeter than sugar and the consumption of anything that contains such sweeteners makes your body expect a lot of calories.

This will make your stomach’s muscle to relax so you can take in food while necessary hormones are released. As a result of the effect of the artificial sweetener on your body, it will send you searching for more food due to dissatisfaction.

It makes you short on nutrition

Diet drinks are not only calorie free but also nutrition. This means that people who consume diet soda are actually getting no nutrients unlike those who consume healthy beverages like teas and sweeties. According to the report of a research conducted by some Taiwanese researchers, people who do not drink green tea were 20% fatter than those who drank. The research was conducted over a period of 10 years with over 1,100 people.

Your taste buds adapt to sweets

The consumption of diet drinks which contains artificial sweeteners makes your taste buds crave for sweets. The bad part of this is that you will like to keep consuming things with lots of sugar not minding whether it contains calories or not. And your overall preference for anything sweet will increase.