5 Essential Tips for Giving Up Soda

By on July 6, 2015
tips for giving up soda

Drinking sodas now and then is quite common among all age groups. The tingling taste and the refreshing feel have made sodas a part of daily life of most individuals. But the effects of drinking sodas of whatever type it may be, has negative effects on health that may take serious turns in the future. So it is best to give up on sodas to stay healthy and enjoy life.

Those who are rather used to drinking colas etc with every meal and snacks will find it very difficult to stay without them. But you must try your level best to stop taking these harmful drinks. You must be wandering how to give up soda? Well, there are different ways to control your cravings for sodas at every step.

5 Tips for giving up soda…

1. Gather knowledge about the evil effects of drinking sodas like increase in hidden fats in the liver, skeletal fat, accumulation of fat around the mid-section of the body and others and immediately you will feel the urge to reduce your intake of sodas. It is a natural effect. Who wants to suffer knowingly?

2. You need to wean yourself up. Nothing can change overnight. Since you have been drinking sodas since school days, you cannot suddenly stop it. So you need to control and then gradually get used to not picking up a bottle of soda often.

3. If you consume multiple servings a day, cut back the number gradually to just one a day. To swap out the daily cravings, prepare your own drink using fresh juice, some seltzer and sparkling water. You will surely feel fresh.

4. Count your calories and as soon as you find out that you have exceeded the number, you will be forced to stop taking sodas. Switch to light tea or coffee without sugar. Keep them ready so that you can sip a little and curb your desire for soda.

5. Start juicing, you will love it. Fresh fruit juices or vegetable juices are not only good for health but offer various nutrients that will naturally remove the bad effects of sodas that are lying within you.

Although it is easy to advice others, it is difficult to follow the same. But if are a responsible individual and care for yourself and those around you, you can surely adhere to the above mentioned strategies to get rid of the desire of drinking sodas.